Why your business is due for a deep clean this Autumn? Over time dirt and grime build up in places that can’t be eliminated by regular cleaning, leading to potential health hazards and obvious aesthetic drawbacks. Deep cleaning is an in-depth cleaning service, focussing on cleaning air ducts, extracting allergens from vents, steam cleaning of carpets, upholstery and tiles, window cleaning, sanitising shared areas like kitchens, bathrooms, lunch rooms and the general office or factory space.

Deep cleaning services, can help reduce the spread of illnesses, provide you long term savings on furniture, carpet and upholstery. Due to ongoing maintenance, provide a professional hygienic and clean impression in front of your customers “after all a second rate workplace is considered a shadow of second rate work”, no stress on employees with in house cleaning schedules or rosters, and finally a safe and healthy workplace improves employee efficiency and productivity. A deep clean can be scheduled whenever you want, yearly, half yearly, quarterly or monthly. It is a monumental aspect in business that shouldn’t be avoided, especially with colder months around the corner, why not book in that deep clean. Email us at info@freelancefs.com.au or call 0433 127 157.