Our assignment is to quote what we cover and our mission is to complete what we quote.

Our Vision

We are constantly working to be recognised by our customers and the industry as a leading and respected provider of janitorial and facility services.


Our Values

  • Respect – taking time to understand and value both customer and employee
  • Responsibility – acting with integrity towards our customers, employees and the environment. We position our business around being held accountable by our customers for the services we deliver
  • Integrity – to demonstrate honesty, truthfulness and do what we say we will do. We believe that honesty is at the core of our business, and maintain that communication with customers is 100% open and truthful.
  • Innovation – to be industry leaders. We are committed to innovation, and always finding ways to be an efficient and effective operator. We as a business are vested in advancing the way we provide our services, with an emphasis on creating industry leading strategies.
  • Taking care of our planet – by using products that are eco-friendly and having processes that promote environmental sustainability. As a business we make sure that in every decision made, we look how they impact all aspects of our business, from the employees to the environment.


Freelance Facility Services is committed to Social Responsibility, partner with us and:

  • Adopt a sustainable green practice
  • Eliminate waste and introduction of toxic chemicals
  • Prove commitment to your customers, employees and the environment